No Sir No Madam (NSNM) is an initiative to provide a better professional  environment where people can address each other with mutual respect.   NSNM aims at eradicating the restrictive habit of addressing people as sir or madam. We believe that professional communication should be mutually respectable, easy, and fun experience.


While communicating at the professional arena, it seemed that people misunderstood the usage of Sir/Saheb and Madam with respect and professionalism. Furthermore, now-a-days, there is so much work-place discrimination that people are not well connected and communicated at the workplace. Ultimately, this has resulted in productivity loss for organizations and reduced self-confidence and self respect for the individual.

We felt the risky environment and circumstances for the professionals and organizations. Therefore, we started this campaign in January, 2015 in Ahmedabad, India. So far, we have received an overwhelming response from the people who keep our thinking in their mind. Moreover, we are able to explain the cause to people who consider addressing Sir and Madam as a sign of showing respect.


We dream about a new skilled India where there is no workplace discrimination. Based on this unique change in organizational behavior, we aim to build a win-win platform for the organizations and employees.

Together, we're going to make India more professional to compete better in the global arena. As we believe - "Hume Nazare na jhuka ke, Na Nazare uthake. However, Nazare Mila ke kaam karna chahiye."

A Win-Win

This unique change in organization behavior provides a win-win situation for both employees and organizations:
  • Gain in self-confidence, self-respect and individual efficiency
  • Superior organizational communication
  • Better teamwork
  • Reduction in workplace discrimination
  • Increase in overall organizational productivity without spending a single paisa


A group of people, including professional, successful entrepreneurs, students, non-resident Indians, and people of Indian origin are volunteering for this cause.

Become a Volunteer

Changing people's attitude requires time and collaborative approach.

Do you believe in giving back to society? Do you feel the slogan " No Sir No Madam"?... Yes! Here, you are welcome to our team!

There are a number of volunteering positions available. Please apply below. We will review your information within a few days and come back to you.

So, participate, enrich, and make a positive difference!



Please find the below for the latest interviews, media coverage, and outreach:

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