Hardik Dave takes a dig at the Sir and Madam culture in India – Why are we stuck with egoistic one-way unnecessary so-called respect

On behalf of No Sir No Madam initiative, Hardik Dave, an Indo-Canadian, spoke at TEDx NIT Raipur about the cause.  No Sir No Madam cause aims at ending this formality of saying sir and madam while referring to people in a professional environment.

Hardik has a total of approximate 14 years of consulting experience in engineering, education, and in not-for-profit. Being a true global alumnus, he has earned his engineering education from SVNIT, India; University of Nottingham, the UK; and Conestoga College, Canada.

In 2013, Hardik was nominated as one of the top five “the Most Promising Immigrant Entrepreneur” award in Toronto, Canada for his first start-up.

In the video, he describes how a small change in our workplace ethics can bring long term major impact to over a billion lives in India.  The video includes the story­­­–describing how along with a small team, Hardik started the cause.  Furthermore, the talk includes why the change is important and how India can implement No Sir No Madam culture.

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