The No Sir No Madam (#nosirnomadam) is aiming to bring long-term major impact to over a billion lives by removing Sir/Madam taboo from India.  

India has been an independent nation for over 70 years. However, it seems as a part of British hang-over such servitude is still in the Indian system. 

Over the years, we Indians have misconstrued the idea of greeting a person with a Sir/Madam salutation. We impose compulsions on others to address us with such taboo so that we feel dignified and superior. 

As a result, it has given rise to egoistic and dictatorial behavior at the workplace, public offices, and in our personal day-to-day lives. 

Considering Indian culture, this cause firmly stands – “Respect is gained when there is mutual respect, not through Sir/Madam nomenclature.”  

At #nosirnomadam, we believe that professional communication should be two-way mutually respectable, easy, and fun experience.

Therefore, by empowering and educating citizens, #nosirnomadam can help to solve workplace discrimination, corruption, and reservation issues in India..