Our Story


Any innovation or cause starts by facing problems with two options:  Either Give-up or Make a Difference.  Similarly …

In 2014, an embarrassing situation during a meeting with the Vice-President (VP) of one of the top Indian conglomerates made an Indo-Canadian to ponder about wide-spread Sir/Madam culture in India.

“I was surprised when the VP considered being called by his name ‘disrespectful’.  He had a Master’s Degree from the United States, well-traveled, and was at the top position in the company.”

Consequently, this event led us to think for a while about such unnecessary Sir/Madam requirements in India.  Therefore, as a part of giving back, after thoughtful consideration and background work for months, finally along with a small team No Sir No Madam initiative started in Ahmedabad, India on January 2, 2015.

Our Journey

First-Hand Experience!


A Life-Changing Sir/Madam based Experience of an Individual While Meeting with a Vice-President of a Renowned Indian Firm


Ahmedabad, India


Give up or Make a Difference... How Can People be Educated? What and How can I Contribute and Give Back?

Sept 2014 - Dec 2014

NSNM 1.0

No Sir No Madam Launched

A Presentation in front of a Small Audience.

January 2, 2015

Ahmedabad, India


Grass-Root Outreach

More Information at www.facebook.com/nosirnomadam

Jan-Sep 2015

NSNM 2.0

A Refusal

A Meeting with a Senior Member in Public Office and His Refusal to Implement No Sir No Madam... Lead to 3.0

April 2017

2.0 Journey

On-boarding the Change Leaders

Started Inviting Like-Minded People, Who Faced Sir/Madam Taboo and have Implemented First Name Culture in Their Companies

May 2017 - Dec 2018

NSNM 3.0

The Covid Boost-up

After a Brief Pause, 3.0 is Now On to Serve and Educate.

Aug 2020 - Present

As Nicolas Klein once said – ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win‘.  Likewise, since its inception, No Sir No Madam has embarked on a tough journey.  

Over the years, our voice has reached to grass-root and global arena.  At present, over 170 change leaders and/or organizations including, alumni from Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, IIM, IIT, and NIT, Silicon-Valley and global entrepreneurs, and social change leaders, are supporting the #nosirnomadam initiative.  

However, changing mind of approximately 1.3 billion lives is a difficult task.  This requires a progressive thinking, top-to-bottom execution, education, adoption, and outreach.  

We are positive that more people will become change engine and together we can make #nosirnomadam a reality in New India.