Ayush Goyal, CEO of the start-up ‘Mission Kya’ endorses for No Sir No Madam initiative.  He successfully launched his start-up before completing his graduation from Amity University, Rajasthan.  ‘Mission Kya’ focuses on providing a freelance service marketplace.  A place where busy people and companies can outsource their tasks to reliable freelancers and service providers.

He concurs that giving respect is mandatory.  However, addressing someone as Sir/Madam is not necessary.  He agrees that excessive use of this taboo should be abolished from Indian Workplaces.

Ayush consoles that all the employees at his workplace use first name while dealing with one another.  He says, “People working with me are older than me.  As a result, they feel awkward addressing me as Sir.”  Ayush individually advises each of his employees to decimate the ‘Sir/Madam’ culture.

Moreover, he suggests that the No Sir No Madam practice should be introduced to the organization from the beginning.  Ayush remarks that “every Individual is different from each other.  Furthermore, we have been given names for a reason, so why not use them.”

Furthermore, Ayush professes that the entreaty in calling ‘Sir/Madam’ removes comfort and replaces it with formality. “The culture full of formality brings down flexibility at the workplace.”  Thus, making it difficult for the junior employees to communicate with their seniors.

Additionally, Ayush enunciates that “In India, top position holders are egoistic due to their class and status.  In order to meet their egoistic demands we are supposed to use Sir/Madam”.  Hence, Ayush affirms that the roots of this ethic are still grounded in India.  Therefore, to bring about a revolution, Indians need to quit rambling on ‘Sir/Madam’ in each sentence.

Ayush, retrospect’s the strong look any official would give, when addressed by his first name.  For Instance, he reminiscences the reality in using ‘Sir/Madam’ specifically in Indian Police stations.  Ayush reminds the sense of sophistication the police officers hold in being addressed as ‘Sir/Madam’.  If this so-called respect is not given to them, they get annoyed.

According to him, there should be reforms at the initial level.  The No Sir No Madam culture should be taught to children from their home itself.  Ayush solely supports the cause as well as advices everyone to follow “No Sir No Madam” culture.

As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be minds.”  Thus, it is time, we leave behind the ‘Sir/Madam’ practice and venture towards building a better nation.

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