Nitin Gupta, NIT Karnataka alumni, and Co-Founder of Tezminds supports the “No Sir No Madam” culture to bring a positive change in the nation.  He is a computer science engineer and completed his education from the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka.  He started Tezminds in 2011. The company provides technological and analytical assistance to budding start-ups to create their brand.

Nitin believes that No Sir No Madam initiative is necessary for the eradication of other social evils in the long run.  In his company, he creates a space for everyone to interact comfortably without salutations. He has noticed that the first-name culture is more prevalent in IT companies than other private companies or government sectors.

Nitin observes that the Indian citizens are following a norm imposed by the British. As government jobs were a primary source of income in the colonial period, people got accustomed to the Sir/Madam taboo.  

This got ingrained into the psychological system of the people holding higher authority. Nitin states that many times it is the presence of ego which — demands respect instead of commanding it.

When Nitin had moved to the USA for a few years, he found a significant cultural difference.  He saw the government officials referring to civilians as “Sir” or “Madam” which is entirely different from the Indian system. According to Nitin, this difference is primarily due to the contrasting mindsets. The mental dependency of the Indian population on the government automatically transfers more power in the hands of the authority.

Moreover, Nitin feels that there are flaws within the education system in India.  A hierarchy is present in the administrative structure of the schools. It required him almost three years to find a school, which does not promote such segregated culture, to admit her daughter. Nitin cited an incident that happened while he was working on a school management software.

One of his employees addressed the school principal by her name.  This first name based communication turned into a big issue. Thereafter, after having a meeting with the principal, it took significant effort to resolve the situation.

Our society has evolved with various limitations.  Nitin indicates it is time to remove such words that hinder our progress.  Although he encourages everyone, he doesn’t agree with forcing either of the cultures on anyone.  

Nitin suggests people should adapt to things on their own will and time. This has been his mantra even while running his company.  He wants everyone to feel equal and have the freedom to express themselves.

Nitin considers that people should go into the root cause and try to understand the negative influences the Sir/Madam taboo has on our society.  The imposed respect demanding rule does not agree with our innate nature.

Therefore, it should be obliterated from the society. He comprehends it to be possible once the terminology is made to appear unprofessional and old-fashioned among the masses.

Nitin applauds the initiative taken by No Sir No Madam to spread awareness about the issue.  He believes that proper education and exposure can remove the stigmas within people. The older generation needs to encourage the younger ones to address them by their names.  

This will not only create a good synergy but also deal with the problems of generation gap and age differences. Nitin suggests that the media can deliver the right content to motivate the citizens towards a much-needed change.

In conclusion, Nitin states that behavior and not status garners respect.  Every person should feel equal in the system, and should understand the reason their job exist is to be of service to others, it is just that their roles may be different based on the choices they make.  

He is confident that this will produce mutual respect and balance. Thus, breaking the mirage of superiority and inferiority complexes and can create an equal platform for everyone in the society.

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