Rahul Saria, an All India Rank holder in CA and CS, presently heading Finance at RentoMojo profoundly promotes the No Sir No Madam cause.  Rahul is a Chartered Account and has over 12 years of experience in Finance in Industry and also in Advisory capacity.  He has help set up and also headed finance for many start-up companies.  Rahul has been awarded ‘Rajya Puraskar’ by the Governor of West Bengal and CA Professional Achiever Award by ICAI.

Rahul believes that a salutation-free environment allows people to interact freely.  His company does not compel the employees to follow the Sir/Madam terminology.  He considers that everyone should have a personal call.  Hence, a fixed idea of respect is not forced within the workplace.

Rahul opines that the corporate companies in metropolitan cities adapt to these new ideas easier than other places.  The multinational companies are gradually transforming into flat power structure.  It is mainly the ‘lala’ companies and closely managed companies that follow such archaic tradition.

Rahul states that even people in tier two cities face problems while adjusting to such open-minded practices.  He shares that in some companies, he observed the prevalence of Sir/ Madam Culture.  Hierarchy was strongly followed within the company, and the CEO’s word was the law.

Rahul adds that his experience was completely different while working with corporate companies.  Members were made to feel comfortable through two-way respectful communication.  One of his colleagues referred to the seniors by their name and the juniors as Sir or Madam, just to boost their confidence.

Rahul asserts that sometimes while dealing with Government officials, they have to address them as Sir/Madam.  People have to follow as they do not want to offend people in power.  The respect is not reciprocated as salutation becomes a compulsion.  An imbalance is created within the society within these power dynamics.

As a CA or IIM, Bangalore student, Rahul had never been forced to address his teachers / professors as Sir/Madam.  However, he is aware about the rigid protocols in academic institutions.  Rahul perceives upbringing and education to be extremely crucial for the formation of opinions and ideas.

Rahul observes that “a change cannot be forced upon people. It has to come organically within the system.”  The government authorities need to implement it and encourage the others to do the same. 

Rahul agrees that the new generation of IAS / IRS officers in the Government Departments is more open-minded than the officials who acquired positions without proper education.  Therefore, he sees hope for positive alteration in the society.

Rahul suggests that the No Sir No Madam initiative should reach out to organizations to spread awareness.  It is important to penetrate the government sectors through campaigns.  Promotions need to be done through plays and videos, which can grab people’s attention.

Rahul concludes that “We all are equal.  Hence, respect should come from heart.”  A ground for mutual respect can decrease discrimination, and we can take a step towards development.

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