Rashi Agarwal, Co-founder at LetsFlaunt is a sincere upholder of No Sir No Madam teaching.  LetsFlaunt is one place where “F” has only one meaning and that is “Flaunt”, which means to show off.  LetsFlaunt was born with a concept that whatever is on your mind, you should be able to own a t-shirt with the same design.  It could be your Alma mater, role model, hobby, city, country, loved one, favorite quotation, a superhero, or you yourself.

Rashi is a former student of Army School and an authentic imitator of No Sir No Madam consuetude.  As a fresher, she started her career with an Investment Company.  Rashi quit the job after seven glowing years from the post of senior research associate.  From here the passion continued.  Rashi is based out of Gurugram, and expanding her business from the same.

Rashi speaks — India is a mixture of western and traditional cultures.  Unlike most of Indian corporate,  MNCs are strictly following No Sir No Madam Culture.  It is very important for everyone to work in a healthy environment for benign upshot.  When you use Sir/Madam for anyone, you unknowingly create a decree of differentiation,” states Rashi.

She considers herself lucky enough to get the name trend all over.  She claims, “No Sir No Madam brings more positivity towards each other.”  Practitioners have better understanding in communication.  Rashi articulates — while I was working, prior to S&P Capital IQ, I used to address my senior associates and the boss by their first-name.  This helped in creating a comfortable environment and imbibed mutual respect.

Rashi voices — in government, it seems ‘babugiri’ is very dominant.  It is deeply rooted in Indian tradition to respect our elders.  They automatically start expecting to be exhorted by Sir/Madam.  She confesses that “I diplomatically use Sir/Madam to government officials for my business.  Withal, the fact is I do not mean it.  There are other alternatives to show respect to elders.  Hoping for future is still available with coming generation.  Change will happen for preferable manana.”

Rashi Agarwal pinpoints “Salutation tradition somehow promotes corruption unknowingly.  Somewhere public community considered their own selves below.  Society has given them the power to suppress us.  When everyone works for transformation, shiny future is sure.”

In India, discrimination with blue-collar practitioners is so common.  It is a major problem these days.  It should be checked on priority for India to grow as a better nation.  Rashi verbalizes “To take the country to the next level of development, such modifications should be welcomed.”  This will connect the 4th grade employee with objective and goal of the company creatively.

To spread uniformity in the society, it is important that we first make people aware about this.  “I think, right from their elementary schooling days, children need to be instructed about mutual respect.”  Although, she mentions that teachers should always be respected.

The habit of expecting to be addressed as ‘Sir/Madam’ creates a sense of superiority as you grow up.  Therefore, she does not feel Sir/Madam is necessary.  Appropriate counseling needs to be given so that children do not grow up as uncouth individuals.

In conclusion, Rashi thanks the No Sir No Madam team for bringing this thought in the country.  This initiative will bring socioeconomic development in the nation.  Moreover, the corporate growth will be positive and communication will get easier.

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