Sathyanarayana Gain, Founder of Growth Hack University earnestly upholds the No Sir No Madam cause.  Sathyanarayana has worked with several start-up companies.  He started his first company, UnBuffer in 2014.  Later in 2017, Sathyanarayana started Growth Hack University.  The company uses best of new-age tools from data science to design into digital marketing to drive business growth.

Sathyanarayana observes that the Sir/ Madam taboo is prevalent in the majority of third-world countries.  The British have left virtual chains in India through the terms Sir and Madam. 

Sathyanarayana thinks that it still creates the impression of racial discrimination within the minds of the Indians.  This results in the phenomenon of superiority and inferiority complexes within different social groups.

Sathyanarayana infers that “a boss is not always right.”  Therefore, the peers and colleagues should have the right to express their views and criticisms.  The members of the team will feel comfortable enough to express, when they have contented companionship.

Sathyanarayana practices No Sir No Madam culture at his workplace to build such camaraderie in his team.  He states it is extremely crucial for start-up teams to stay united.  Sathyanarayana even refers to his clients by their name to build an effortless professional relationship.

Sathyanarayana shares that while applying for internships eight years ago, he had come across many people who preferred being referred as Sir or Madam.  He had met several rude replies and refused to work with such companies.  Although, the displeasure of being addressed by name is expressed subtly, it is deep-rooted inside the system.

Sathyanarayana is aware that the government officials expect salutations.  Hence, he has no other option other than following the protocol not to offend the executives.  Sathyanarayana knows that every citizen has to adhere to this norm to get their work done.  This in turn creates an unjust situation for everyone and results in discrimination.

Sathyanarayana infers that every job has to be respected in the society.  He has an experience of doing all odd jobs; including blue-collar ones, to support his expenses.  Therefore, Sathyanarayana states, “I do not see how a security guard’s job is any less.” 

He even befriended a security guard while working for a company about four years ago.  The connection had developed owing to the intellect and fluency, they shared.  Their positions or age did not play any significant role.

During his second semester in college, Sathyanarayana, similar to every other, was excited about joining clubs.  However, he quickly noticed that these clubs were headed by partial seniors.  Thus, he decided to start his entrepreneurship club. 

Within a year a hundred students joined, the club and even seniors volunteered.  Every person followed his direction without any inhibition.  Therefore, it was proved that respect can be garnered without titles.

Education at home and school is the most essential factor for the formation of ideologies. Sathyanarayana affirms that transformation in the society can then occur through a ripple effect.  He states that “people need to get out of their inferiority complexes to build a strong community.”

Sathyanarayana asserts that “a monkey sees; a monkey does.”  Humans are imitative by nature and hence have been tied down by this archaic culture.  A change can be bought by similar imitation when the concept spreads over the nation.

Sathyanarayana considers the No Sir No Madam cause to be exponentially impactful.  He suggests that the cause should reach out to more people.  Sathyanarayana understands that the Sir/Madam stereotype is more strongly fed to the older generation.  He is hopeful about the youth being inclined towards individuality.

He winds up by stating that “self-awareness awareness is the most important part of maturity.  In India, we have lived in a well for ages.  It is time to learn and accept new ideas for future development.”

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