Sushant Bharti, Co-Founder of 366Pi Consulting, 366Pi Technologies, and ( enthusiastically promotes the No Sir No Madam culture.  He pursued MBA in marketing from prestigious IBS, Hyderabad.

His consulting company is into digital marketing, digital transformation, and other business growth services.  Furthermore, they indulge in Block chain development and programming.  Sushant works on business growth through a blend of Marketing, Technology, and Business Model Innovation.

He has also co-founded 99Leap and served more than 200-start-ups around Business Planning, Fundraising, Mentoring, and Growth.  Furthermore, he is an integral part of RSBC-Ranchi Mall start-up block chain contract.

Sushant Bharti asserts that the Sir/Madam taboo depends on the cultural aspect of the society.  He regards it as an unnecessary evil within the professional world.  Sushant along with Amitesh Anand, his co-founder positively practices No Sir No Madam terminology at his workplace.

He indicates that the modern entrepreneurs hardly abide by these norms.  To maintain equality in his company, they avoid designations.  Even though Sushant is the owner, he acts only as a consultant similar to every other member.  Members are free to take up their tasks and justify their position with their maturity of work.

However, Sushant is aware that this taboo is deep-rooted within the government sector.  Based on his experience working with folks from government departments, he shared few interesting insights.  Sushant detected that— the officials love when people address them as Sir or Madam, which fanned their ego.  The juniors followed these conditions mindlessly.  In fact, they automatically bowed a little whenever they used a salutation.

Sushant observes that even the customer service department of every company referring to all the customers as Sir or Madam.  He feels it is absurd as they already have the names and numbers of the clients listed.  Sushant cannot fathom why is it mandatory for security personals and drivers to stand and salute everyone?  He considers a greeting to be respectful enough.

He perceives that we should eradicate the hierarchical structure to implement a mutual respectful environment. 

He states — the juniors addressing the seniors as Sirs are not at fault.  Rather it is a senior’s responsibility to teach the juniors the right conduct.  Sushant has noticed, in his company, that a happy bunch of people produce better work.

We must execute changes from an early age.  Hence, Sushant observes that it is important to teach the students virtues, ethics, and values.  It has become difficult to find replacement for these salutations as it has been set as a default within our system.  Therefore, parents and teachers should encourage children to accept new ideas.

Sushant considers the No Sir No Madam initiative to be unique.  He understands that it will be a long journey to change the view.  However, with the fast-growing technology, positive changes are being implemented in the society.  Sushant suggests that the cause should increase its visibility on social media platforms.

Sushant concludes, “If you want to show respect, then do it from the heart.  No term is going to justify respect otherwise.”

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