Amit Kumar | Never Bow Down to Anyone’s Authority

Amit Kumar, CEO and Founder at Mehta Arts Gallery is an inspiring follower of No Sir No Madam ideology. Mehta Art Gallery consists of a team of artists that can change your wall into an astonishing piece of art.

He is an MBA, who left his job after realizing he wanted to do something he was passionate about. Being a painting hobbyist, he had once submitted his painting in an art exhibition in Noida. Amit received a lot of appreciation and got inspired to institute his gallery.

Amit has imbibed No Sir No Madam in his team members as well. He declares that letting people address you without a salutation forms a personal bond. If you make your employees adhere to the ‘Sir/Madam’ culture, they will always be scared to express themselves. Whereas, No Sir No Madam practical lets everyone convene without any constraints. It makes employees feel like they belong to the organization. Thus, consequently making them work much more efficiently and with dedication. Read More!

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