Akash Doshi, a Mumbai based entrepreneur and founder of Surefix fervently encourages the No Sir No Madam culture for future developments in India.  He has a 22 year-long journey starting with a management degree from IIM Ahmedabad

Akash is now the Managing Director at S. Doshi Papers Industries Pvt Ltd and the owner of Surefix.  The company entered the healthcare sector in 2012 as a corporate social responsibility to provide to Indian patients with international quality products.

Having experience of being a part of a family-run business Akash witnessed a hierarchical structure within the different generations.  Although, Sir and Madam were not the terms used in such a family business, there were psychological barriers built between the working members. 

While starting this new brand, Akash stated that the organization evolved from a person centric to a system focused, which demolished this bureaucracy of ranks.  In Surefix, they consider the company to be a larger entity than any individual where everyone becomes equally responsible for their service.

Akash believes that at the workplace termination of Sir/Madam culture can improve the proximity of relationships.  This will result in higher productivity. According to him, Sir/Madam culture is — What the English left for us.  He agrees that change can only occur gradually through practice. 

Hence, he implements the process of equal treatment in his company.  Building a stable relationship of trust courses down attrition and creates a positive environment for work.  He ardently believes that with no barriers in between the ranks, each member gladly takes responsibility for the success of the company.

An individual is not entitled to respect due to their professional positions for it needs to be earned.  Akash affirms that an individual cannot become a role model when they demand titles for such titles do not equate to respect.  He attests that people in India are — still stuck in the Precolonial— when it comes down to these typical social structures. 

People still hesitate while referring to government officials and authority figure by name, which gives them unwarranted power over any individual. To change such power dynamics, the Sir/Madam terminology should be avoided. This will help to build mutual respect.  Akash implies that a change in the mindset of all citizens is long overdue, which is essential to fight corruption and injustice.

According to Akash — the status of being human is not related to one’s professional background or economic standing in the society.  Hence, he believes in treating all individuals equally without discriminating based on social or economic parameters.  He considers that cab drivers and security guards should be greeted by their name. 

This will help in boosting their confidence.  In his organization, he positively involves every individual, irrespective of their positions in the company events.  This creates an inclusive environment and raises an individual’s self-esteem and self-respect.

Education is the key to future developments.  Hence, Akash considers that change can be brought into the society right from the birth of an individual.  He mentions that children believe in the things directed by elders, adding, “whatever you teach them is what they are going to learn.” 

In this particular domain, a parent and a teacher play a crucial role in forming the mindset of a child.  Therefore, in his opinion it is important to exclude such usage of titles from all educational institutions for increasing reformations in the country.

Akash remains optimistic about the future changes which he regards to be effective only when every citizen vows to be compliant and ethical.  He discourages any kind of bribery or under-the-table function in his company even at the risk of losing the deals.

He understands that transforming the mindset of the largest democracy is an arduous task.  However, he affirms that, “it is possible to make changes provided, we have the intentions and perseverance.” 

Akash advises that more service sector companies and associations to be approached for outreach and education.

Akash concludes by saying that respect cannot and should not be manipulated.  Therefore, the Sir/Madam culture should be discouraged for which people must transform themselves in this 21st century.

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