Anvita Bajpai, Founder of SunvAI , an IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore alumnus, speaker, and an author enthusiastically promotes the No Sir No Madam culture.  She has over 14 years of R&D experience with Oracle, Satyam, Wipro, Decidyn, and her ventures.

Anvita has published a number of Research Papers, Patents, and business and technology Articles.  She has been invited as a speaker at leading conferences, and events.  In parallel — out of her passion — Anvita has also authored three books.  Furthermore, She is a recipient of the Golden Lotus from IIT Madras Alumni Association on International Women’s Day 2017.

Anvita considers the salutation-free culture to be a positive influence in the society.  Respect does not depend on age or designation.  As every organ in the body is important, similarly every individual has a crucial role to play in the society.

In Anvita’s experience, she has been on the greener side of the grass.  As a part of the corporate sector, Anvita has not faced problems concerning the archaic tradition.  In MNC’s, employees are not compelled to address the Senior Executives as Sir or Madam.  All members are treated equally and appreciated based on their credential and contribution.

Anvita shares that during her first year at Oracle, the seniors made her feel extremely comfortable.  This helped her in sharing her opinions confidently.  Anvita, now, follows the same practice with her juniors and team members.  The environment of a place is depended on the acceptance and values the people harbor.

During her academic years, Anvita had an opportunity of working with teachers who were open-minded and caring.  As a student, her performance was considered important over other formalities.  At IIT, the faculties were easily approachable  for meetings without any excessive demand for so-called respect.

As an entrepreneur, Anvita is aware that government sectors, small Indian companies, and legal firms follow a hierarchical structure, and salutation could play a major role in such an environment.  However, Anvita focuses on the substance of core message even in such groups in spite of the need of following certain norms.

Anvita observes that every individual should be respected for its contribution and without any discrimination based on age and designation, etc. She states, “The terms Sir and Madam are ineffective if respect is not shown through actions.”

Anvita understands that it would take time for the Indian society to transform.  People are mostly confused about concepts, and some people may also lack the ability, power and process to assess right credentials.  Therefore, she greatly appreciates No Sir No Madam initiative, and suggests them expend their vision and mission statement.  She is hopeful that a larger cause could gradually change the mindsets and bring needed improvements in society.

Anvita winds up, “We should all look towards a goal of united growth.  Citizens should be encouraged to change their perspective by creating an environment harboring the moral values.  Remember, each drop contributes to the ocean.”

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