Bhuvnesh Sharma, Co-founder of Voko Rentals enthusiastically supports the No Sir No Madam cause.  Bhuvnesh is born and brought up in Jaipur.  He pursued chemical engineering from prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D).

Bhuvnesh joined the initial team of Oyo Rooms in 2015 after graduating from IIT-D.  In 2016, he co-founded Voko Rentals, which is a home furnishing rental platform for the millennial, who are frequently moving.

He believes that the No Sir No Madam culture is necessary for betterment of society.  Bhuvnesh started regarding people by their first names while working with Oyo Rooms.  He perceives that this new perspective can have far-reaching impacts.  Breaking stigmas attached to ‘Sir’ and ‘Madam’ is essential to create an unbiased society.

Bhuvnesh observes a similar hesitation in the interns that he hires for Voko.  As the juniors have been practicing the salutation for years, it becomes difficult for them address their boss by his first name.  Bhuvnesh mentions, “It took a long time for one of the employees to adjust with No Sir No Madam culture.  Initially, she was hesitant to ask questions or express her views.  Eventually, the ice broke, and she became more interactive with her seniors.”

In his company, Bhuvnesh naturally maintained a mutual respectful environment, without specifically thinking about the concept.  Now, when Bhuvnesh recalls, he traces the positive impacts formed by abolishing the Sir/Madam doctrine.  He agrees that it has helped him connect better with people and made conversations easier.

Bhuvnesh opines, “Government officers definitely expect salutation.  They may get offended otherwise and will not cooperate.  We follow the protocol simply to please them as it is demanded.   The respect is not genuine rather only a compulsion.”

Bhuvnesh suggests that change cannot be brought to the whole system at once.  We should first begin approaching the younger generation of officials who are educated and receptive to new viewpoints.

Primarily, it is essential to have a discrimination-free society.  Bhuvnesh asserts that we should value every profession and position.  He enunciates, “When blue collared employees stop referring to us as Sir or Madam, we will automatically notice them. This will form a personal touch and an equal platform for every citizen.  Hence, we should implement the change from the top so that the service staff can follow without hesitation.”

He concurs that if the No Sir No Madam initiative is introduced in the academic system, the children can, then adapt to it from an early age.  However, he is doubtful about its reception.  Therefore, Bhuvnesh asserts that the concept should be properly explained so that respect towards elders is not compromised.

Bhuvnesh advices, “No Sir No Madam conduct campaigns for teachers and elders, so that learning becomes easier for the younger generation.  We should reach out to eminent leaders for them to stand for the cause.”

In conclusion, Bhuvnesh considers, “Everybody should rise above this sir and madam terminology, which only feeds your ego, for future development.”

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