Priyanjit Ghosh, Founder of Nearfit enthusiastically supports the No Sir No Madam cause.  He is a marketing enthusiast who formulates branding strategies for different companies.  As an engineer, Priyanjit has worked with multinational corporations (MNC’s) including Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro Limited.

In 2014, Priyanjit had co-founded Xencom automations.  This company develops automation products for the farmers in India.  This venture helped him bag the runners-up position at Texas Instruments Innovation Challenge 2015

He has recently started an online portal Nearfit.  It aggregates and shows the fitness centers around an individual.  Most noteworthy, Priyanjit became the winner at the Nasscome ESummit Idea to Prototype Competition.

While working with the MNC’s, Priyanjit adapted to No Sir No Madam culture.  Similarly, members get acquainted with diverse cultures while working with companies at a global platform.  It is the general norm in foreign countries, to regard people by their first name.  This brings everyone on the same page as equals.

Priyanjit’s mentor at an MNC introduced him to the mutual respectful environment.  His mentor always corrected him whenever he regarded the other person as Sir.  He gradually became hesitant in using salutation.  Priyanjit learned to be comfortable addressing seniors by their names.  He now follows the same method of communication with his juniors.

Priyanjit Ghosh observes that corruption occurs when a person thinks that he or she is not accountable for anyone.  A person in a position of authority is knowledgeable about the power and effect he has over people and situations.  This results in the expansion of the latent ego that makes them believe they can do as they desire.

Priyanjit asserts that the Indian educational institutions follow a system similar to Industrial Revolution.  In schools, he views the same assemblies, alarms, and supervisors such as the factories.  Ideas are imposed on children. Therefore, education becomes methodical.  Students are afraid to ask questions, as they do not share a first-name based communication with the teachers.

Priyanjit affirms that the mentors and teachers need to guide the students in a right direction.  The executives must remove their egos to create a comfortable space for the juniors. 

Hence, once the Sir/Madam terminology is discarded by the higher authorities the employees will confidently follow.  This will automatically increase the productivity as the juniors will no longer be afraid to approach the seniors.

Priyanjit suggests that the No Sir No Madam initiative should reach out to more people through video series.  Visual memory has the strongest effect on human mind.  Therefore, Priyanjit considers digital marketing as the best platform to promote this cause and reach wider audience.

In conclusion, Priyanjit states “Actions should support words.”  Change should begin with every individual to affect a massive transformation in the society.”  Consequently, Priyanjit believes that a chain reaction and top-bottom approach, we can instill effective social changes.

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