Hitesh Kothari, the sales and marketing head at Wmart Online Services Pvt Ltd. stresses the need to inform people about the No Sir No Madam ideology in India.  Wmart is a global e-commerce and website platform that allows anyone to create an online store in minutes.

Hitesh is an MBA, with a specialization in sales and marketing.  He is also the thriving force behind Wmart.  Wmart is devised to ease the process of setting up websites for any organization.  His firm enables companies to grow without changing any platforms as their business starts to expand.

He understands the fundamentals of No Sir No Madam doctrine and has implemented the same in his organization.  Giving his employees the liberty to refer each other and their seniors on a first-name basis has helped him in creating a friendly environment.  Hitesh adds, “People tend to relate each other better, which is vital for continuing coordination in the company.”

Moreover, he opines that, in a professional workplace, an individual’s work ethics matter more than his way of greeting his seniors.  Hitesh states — I personally do not mind being referred by my first-name, if the person is doing his job diligently.  At work, I expect my employees to do their work responsibly and not heed to any formal obeisance.

Similarly, even in many private-sector companies, seniors have started to adopt the western culture.  They do not mind being addressed without a salutation as long as the employees are performing their duties. 

Hitesh mentions, “Executing their tasks is the best way to show respect at work.”  Although, many times the employees themselves, are scared of addressing their seniors without a salutation.  It is a common fear across many staff members that they might be disrespecting their peers, if they do not use ‘Sir/Madam’.

Therefore, Hitesh reckons — mindsets of people, have to be changed by educating them about No Sir No Madam thesis.

Furthermore, ‘Sir/Madam’ custom is highly dominant in government offices, in India.  Hitesh ventures – it would be a massive challenge to implement first-name habit into bureaucrats.  As they are disciplined to follow ‘Sir/Madam’ diktat since the beginning.  Being addressed with a formal salutation is vital to government officials.  They consider it to be a matter of pride to be greeted as ‘Sir/Madam’.

However, a revolutionary idea has to fight through odds in order for it to be accepted by the society.  Ergo, rather than raising a white flag, initiatives should be taken to inform public servants.

Restructuring the thought process of millions of people cannot be completed overnight.  Therefore, Hitesh recommends promoting the first-name habit into kids.  In continuation, he utters – Schools should instill No Sir No Madam teachings into their curriculum and teach students about its values. 

This will ensure that their generation, on growing up, do not adhere to any archaic greeting traditions.

In ending, he spurs everyone to spread No Sir No Madam drive by practicing it personally.  As Clint Eastwood once said, “Sometimes if you want to see a change for the better, you have to take things into your own hands.”  Thus, embrace No Sir No Madam in your life to unfurl equality in all sections of society.

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