Husain Saify, Founder of Hackerkernel, enthusiastically promotes the No Sir No Madam cause.  After dropping out of college at the age of eighteen, Husain went on to start his company.

By the age of twelve, he started learning C++ and HTML.  At fourteen, he began his freelance web developing pursuits.  Husain incorporated Hackerkernel in 2015.  His company provides mobile and web application and development services to start-ups and enterprises all over the world.

Husain affirms that at his workplace, communication is informal. Twenty-five engineers work at his firm on the same ground.  As there is no discrimination, none of the members feel superior or inferior to the others.  He believes that better bond results in excellent work culture.

When there is a wall between seniors and juniors, it becomes a hindrance on the path of fluid interaction.  Productivity gets hampered when the members are not comfortable with each other.  The juniors will then hesitate in reaching out to their seniors for help.

Husain is aware that the Sir/Madam taboo is more prevalent in the government sector.  Police officers and authority figures expect salutation.  People have to follow to get their work done on time.  Sometimes, there is also fear of authority that forces people to fabricate a false appearance of respect.

The society still adheres to this custom based on a mistaken idea of respect.  Higher authorities take offense when not addressed as Sir or Madam.  This creates an imbalance in the power structure in the society.  Husain continues that the economically stronger section always tries to control the weaker section of the society.

Husain perceives that change can only be implemented in the society through education.  Children need to be taught to practice communicating at parity.  Teachers should be more liberal minded and encourage students to regard them by their name or surname.  This will make students understand the real essence of respect.

Our constitution grants equal rights to every citizen in the country.  Therefore, people should not only protect their own esteem but also offer the same to the others.  Every person has some individual skill.  Thus, they should be valued irrespective of the social and economic standing.

Husain considers the No Sir No Madam initiative to be truly commendable.  Every person should take responsibility and teach people about the first- name custom.  This practice brings in a lot of transparency in communication.  He hopes that this small cause will instill big changes in the future.

Husain concludes that “People addressing you by your name do not mean they disrespect you.” The citizens should realize the value of mutual respect.  He attests that a discrimination-free nation will surely move towards progress.

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