Karanvir Singh, a Global Entrepreneur and Founding Chairman of Visionum Group firmly support No Sir No Madam cause.  Karanvir is an International speaker and has represented India at various global platforms.  He has spoken on several topics, including innovations, PPP, technology, start-ups, international business, motivation, and entrepreneurship. 

Visionum Group is a conglomerate that is engaged in multiple social ventures involving governments at various levels and domains.  With the moto, “Be The Vision”, Visionum is working on a principle to impact the market for success, not just to make money.

Karanvir holds an engineering degree in electronics and telecommunication, a Masters’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, and also in Social Works.  He has completed his MBA from the IIM Rohtak and as a research scholar, currently doing research in the domain of Silent Communication to improve global communication standards.  He traveled across the world for creating a change.  He is effectively working, for the eradication of salutations in corporate sectors for better communication.

Team of Visionum Group follows forename culture under the guidance of Karanvir Singh.  He verbalizes, “I find first-name culture is a very casual approach to connect across the globe, especially in the US and Europe.”  The relations are more uniting, when they have personal bonding in business and life. 

Furthermore, Karanvir opines, “I think within teams it is easier to maintain first-name culture. However, while dealing with clients, it seems a bit difficult.  As the client’s reaction cannot be predicted.  Withal, hierarchical hindrance can be removed by the use of name.”

Karanvir believes that harness of first-name culture makes him stress free and allows connecting to peers easily.  He specifies, — if you are comfortable with your peers, then you are more creative, open, and honest towards organization.  This comfort can only be attained after removing Sir/Madam hierarchy, Karanvir adds.  As an international speaker, he has got much of positive vibes from every single country regarding first-name bonding.

Karanvir articulates — Last month I was in Switzerland to attend a seminar/conference with representatives from approximately 125 countries.  It was more associating when they called me as Karanvir.  I did not feel any barrier while communicating with them.

He shares, “In government sector, decorum of seniority is always maintained.  Bureaucrats believe that they are at the upper hand and superior in the system.  However, in higher level this is not present to such an extent.  They are more dynamic and open to No Sir No Madam culture.  They are serving the society, not ruling the society. 

Karanvir believes, at present the culture is changing.  ‘For the people, by the people, and of the people’ thought is now understood and accepted by Government officials.  Karanvir voices, “public should be confident while dealing with such hypocrites to take them on the same level.”

Everyone is equal and should maintain mutual-respect.  Karanvir agrees that for now blue collars are not treated on the same pace in the country.  Nevertheless, this cause will bring the thought of equality for 4th degree employees.  Karanvir opines, “They may think of doing better in their lives, when confidence is gained.  Awareness is the key to make them feel equal, as they are by nature.  Mutual respect is their right as well.”

Karanvir states — Sir/Madam is renaissance of British culture.  We are following it bluntly without being logical, the way East India Company imposed it on us.  India never had such salutation culture; we always believed in mutual-respect.

Karanvir suggests, remodeling of the education system should be done at high priority.  The International speaker affirms, “we start learning from school, and this improvement should be initiated from grass route level. 

Furthermore, in case it remains the same in educational institutions, it will be difficult to remove it from corporate level.  Hence, it is better to start from the school level and make them learn the moralities in real senses.  Teaching is the most noble profession, and this civilization should be promoted from there only.”

He rounds off with words — We should pledge to avoid Sir/Madam salutation in our surroundings at any cost, so that it can bring about a great change.  We will be able to see No Sir No Madam drive making a positive ripple effect in society on implementing it in our lives.


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