Lirish Chinnappa, Founder at Coorgshoppe zealously supports the No Sir No Madam ideology.  Coorgshoppe is an online platform that enables people from all across the world to have access to products made in Coorg.  Chinnappa instituted Coorgshoppe to promote local products from Coorg.

He has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in the field of dentistry.  Chinnappa has received his graduation in Bachelors of Dental surgery (BDS) from the KLE Institute of Dental Surgery.  He has always been passionate about the products grown in Coorg.  Chinnappa was motivated to create Coorgshoppe, after realizing the demand for local commodities from Coorg.

Lirish Chinnappa has inculcated first-name culture into his employees.  He believes that removing salutation hierarchy improves communication within the team.  Furthermore, it encourages employees to provide their suggestion and express their ideas without any hesitation.

Moreover, Chinnappa is of the opinion that in India, people relate ‘Sir/Madam’ with respect.  He recollects his bitter experience while he was working for another firm.  “I had to write a mail to an aged person.  In a hurry, I addressed him by his first-name in the e-mail.  I was in disarray when the person had written back to me.  He was furious that I did not refer to him as ‘Sir’.  The old person specifically had mentioned that I did not have any decency,” Chinnappa narrates.

It is astonishing how people are egoistic when they are addressed by their first-name.  Chinnappa cannot comprehend why anyone would take offense on being greeted by their name.  He voices — It is of high importance that such people be educated about the difference between a salutation and showing respect.

Lirish Chinnappa was not always inclined towards No Sir No Madam tradition.  He shares his experience, “I used to feel odd every time any junior addressed me without a salutation.  It was only with time, when I understood that respect can be shown without forcing yourself to any salutation custom.  I genuinely felt the difference and the benefits of addressing my peers without a salutation in the company.”

People have been taught to believe that salutation decree is the only way of portraying respect to someone.  People need to keep an open mind and learn to distinguish between showing respect and demanding respect.

Furthermore, on speaking about government sector, Chinnappa states — It is difficult to practice No Sir No Madam doctrine in public offices.  Officials are accustomed to hearing everyone address them as ‘Sir/Madam’.

Moreover, he remarks, “People need to take initiative and ask for the bureaucrats name while interacting with them.  Many a time, people do not do this and continue to address them as ‘Sir/Madam’ out of fear.  Bureaucrats take advantage of the fact that people will not complain against them, as they do not recognize them by their name.”

“I think that officers will not be able to exploit civilians, if people ask and address them by their first-name.  The office-bearers will always be worried about having a complaint lodged against them, as everyone will recognize him/her by name.”  Thus, No Sir No Madam movement can even curb down the corruption level in the government sector according to Lirish Chinnappa.

Moreover, ‘Sir/Madam’ culture has formed a stigma around the economically backward sections of our society.  Workers who have to address their employers with a salutation, consider that they have no place in the society.  They are often suppressed down and are deprived of any respect.  Thus, people need to be made aware of this new ‘apartheid’ that is being bred and work towards eradicating it.

Inculcating this habit will take time, as we Indians are taught to discriminate people, less-fortunate than us.  Therefore, Chinnappa suggests, introducing No Sir No Madam teachings in school itself.  Children should be made aware about first-name discipline and should be encouraged to follow it.  Their parents ought to be educated about this, so that they do not discourage their kids from practicing No Sir No Madam culture.

In conclusion, he enumerates — No Sir No Madam drive does not seek to eradicate Indian culture of respecting others.  It just aims at improving the communication between two individuals.

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