Nihar Ranjan, the CEO and co-founder of FlashDeal fervently encourages No Sir No Madam doctrine. FlashDeal specializes in providing best offers on different products on hyper local platform from buying food to booking a movie ticket.  Their intelligently created app allows users to set filters as per their requirements.

Nihar is a seasoned professional turned entrepreneur.  He has worked for renowned companies, including MetLife, Pfizer, and Bajaj Allianz life Insurance.  Having a desire to embark upon his venture, he took the opportunity to be an entrepreneur and established Flashdeal.

He follows No Sir No Madam ideology in his life and has instilled the same in his company.  He states — First-name habit lets employees communicate and express their ideas without any restraints.  This is crucial for any organization to grow and succeed in such a competitive market.  Although, he adds that Indian people are so tuned to ‘Sir/Madam’ tradition, that they follow salutation greeting despite informing them not to.

Even when Nihar was working as a professional, he was not aware about a salutation ridden tradition at the workplace.  Subsequently, he would address his seniors as ‘Sir/Madam’.  However, on learning for the essence and benefits of a first-name culture, he now maintains No Sir No Madam creed in his life.

Moreover, he contemplates the different treatment Indians face when compared to foreigners who visit India.  Especially in luxurious hotels, foreigners are given more importance than Indians.  Nihar mentions that Indians face such discrimination because we are used to being mistreated.

In connection, he narrates his interaction with an IAS officer, who neglected Nihar’s work because of salutation custom.  Nihar voices “I, on meeting the officer, addressed him as ‘Mr.’ followed by his first-name.  The official stared at me as if I slapped him and took great offense.  In addition, he made sure that my work never gets noticed.” 

It is shocking that someone could consider their own name as a sign of disrespect.  Nihar remarks, it is our fault that we have put them on a pedestal by referring them with a salutation for years.

While shedding light on the discrimination created by salutation order, he talks about blue-collars workers.  Nihar enumerates “People who work as clerks and peons are not respected as they should be.”  ‘Sir/Madam’ culture has created a hierarchical difference, wherein only the elite people are shown respect.  This in turn restrains the less-fortunate people from growing economically and socially in his or her life. 

Imposing communication restrictions on them steals away any recognition they might have for themselves.

Nihar advocates — to remove such disparity from society and to spread awareness, No Sir No Madam teachings should be educated in schools.  Indian education system is archaic and a restructuring is long overdue, he adds.

While concluding he enunciates “adopt No Sir No Madam and experience the benefits.  Moreover, working as a family helps in achieving a goal helps in accomplishing it quicker.  Therefore, discard ‘Sir/Madam’ custom from your life to form wholehearted relations with your employees and peers to improve efficiency.”

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