Nishant Patel, Co-founder at AFK Gaming firmly adheres to No Sir No Madam culture.  He is one of the best Indian DOTA 2 casters who engage the crowd with his fast-paced commentaries.  He graduated from H.R College of Commerce and Economics as a university rank holder.  Furthermore, he received his master’s degree from the University of Mumbai.

In his organization, individuals address each other by first name.  This is on the grounds that he has mostly youngsters as representatives working at his organization.  They all believe in providing mutual respect.  Therefore, the environment in his workplace is very supportive and cordial.  Sometimes, his colleagues use Sir/Madam in a sarcastic manner.  Nishant says, “People in our organization laugh, if anyone addresses them as Sir/Madam”.

However, he indicates that in India, the Sir/Madam terminology is quite popular.  For instance, it is difficult for a new employee to communicate with his boss.  Freshers should be taught about the professionalism behind first-name culture.  In this case, the new employee would not feel submissive, if he wanted to start a conversation.

Nishant concurred that Indians are being taught to address their seniors as Sir/Madam.  There is some room for respect in ‘Sir/Madam’.  However, when it begins to create a hindrance, it must be abolished.  Respect is something to be earned and not demanded.  For example, government officials want us to call them Sir/Madam.  However, they are supposed to serve us.

Moreover, Nishant speaks from his experience with the traffic police.  “Everybody gets caught with traffic police at some point in his or her life” he said.  “We tend to address them as Sir/Madam to get ourselves out of troubles” he expresses.

Harriet Tubman said, “every great dream begins with a dreamer.”  Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach to the stars to change the world.  It is just a matter of time when this culture changes.  People are changing as well as the surrounding of the corporate world.  Soon, we all will abolish Sir/Madam culture.

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