Sachin Chaudhary, Founder of HashTagIt firmly encourages  No Sir No Madam motion.  HashTagIt is a strategic digital marketing company that offers web development as an extension.

He has received his MBA from the renowned Indian Institute of Management-Kolkata (IIM-C).  Sachin is an experienced professional in his field, who has worked in various companies, across different countries.  HashTagIt came into existence when the founders were disappointed by the services of an eminent digital marketing agency.  The marketing firm’s complete lack of business perspective forced Sachin and his colleagues to incubate HashTagIt.

Sachin has even introduced No Sir No Madam creed to his employees at HashTagIt.  He understands that there should not be any hierarchical difference at the workplace.  No Sir No Madam idea helps the employees to communicate with their seniors on an equal level.  It is essential for any organization to empower their employees, to increase efficiency.

On the contrary, one can notice the gap between the employees and the bosses at private companies.  In such enterprises, ‘Sir/Madam’ culture is sternly followed.  This has only generated an environment, where respect is artificial and the employees get demotivated.  Sachin includes, “Employees even take advantage of ‘Sir/Madam’ tradition and escape their duty by charming their employers with flattery.”

Besides the private sector, public sector officials too have been practicing salutation diktat for years.  Sachin claims, he fortunately has never interacted with any bureaucrat.  Although, he is aware about the arduous regulations, one has to ensure to get their work completed. 

Here, Sachin is mentioning about the salutation decree and not the civic rules.   Public office-bearers expect to be addressed as ‘Sir/Madam’.  This need for an ego massage has led to the devaluation of general public.

Sachin recites an instance while he was traveling with his family from Delhi to Jaipur.  Unfortunately, en route, a bus collided with his car.  Consequently, he decided to call the cops for help.  Instead of helping Sachin and his family, the police only aggravated the situation.  The officers asked Sachin to settle the case there itself. 

He was shocked that the police took this incident so casually.  They even stated that the other option was to tow the bus and Sachin’s car to the police station.  The police shamelessly neglected the fact, that he would be left strangled on the middle of the road without his car.

In addition, he voices — the police’s role is to protect people and ensure the implementation of law.  However, in India, even a law-abiding individual is scared upon seeing the police.  This is because they impose their authority to oppress people.  It is truly disconsolate that despite being recognized for our culture and tradition, authoritarians have such less value for their responsibilities.

Moreover, salutation exercise has increased the social gap between different sects of the society.  People who do petty jobs are looked down upon for no fault of their own.  It is not their fault that they were born in family with less-resources.  People should sympathize towards them instead of treating them disparately.

Remodeling the mind of people is not an easy task.  Hence, Sachin suggests instilling No Sir No Madam doctrine in the education system. 

He remarks — the best way to restructure our system is by educating college students about No Sir No Madam cause.  College students are full of energy and willing to take on the world.  Empowering them will encourage them to lead and be the innovation-bringers of future.  They are also at an age where they are preparing themselves for the corporate life.  Thus, they would not heed and support any such formal custom when they start working.

He also emphasises on abolishing the habit of addressing seniors as ‘Sir/Madam’ from colleges.  This would help the students further in life, if they ever have to work with their seniors.  They would be able to converse openly with each other, thus, benefiting their company and their relation.

Sachin summarizes — Be confident about yourself and the work you do.  You would never have to please someone with a salutation, if you let your merits speak for you.

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