Sahil Bajaj, Founder of PhoneCurry ardently upholds the No Sir No Madam cause.  Sahil graduated from the renowned Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (IIT-D) in 2008.  Founded in 2010, PhoneCurry is the most trusted phone recommendation platform.  It helps people to decide which phone to buy, in 5 minutes and has over ten million reach.

If we eradicate the Sir/Madam terminology, we can make people feel comfortable, Sahil perceives.  This can build an environment where the juniors will not feel any inhibition in expressing themselves.  We need to build a stronger bond of communication, which is simply hindered by salutation.

Sahil shares — one of my executives, although ten years younger than me, is an exceptionally talented person.  He is responsible for the content about phones. His knowledge is ten times higher than mine.  However, I have been longer in the industry.  The company recognized his efforts and potential, undermining the fact that he is a college dropout.  This gave him confidence to grow in the liberal atmosphere in a salutation-free culture.

Sahil considers that the government sector needs to go through much-needed changes.  Even he has to, unwillingly, address officials as Sir or Madam to avoid conflict and complete his work.  Sahil detests these protocols, which create discrimination.  He states, “Public servants should not demand anything in excess and must do their job as everyone else.”

Positive criticisms help a leader to become better every day, Sahil opines.  Only when all the members share a bond and are not afraid, they will be able to share their views.  This will make the leader more conscious and not lose himself in ego.

The change should begin from the top.  When the higher authorities take a step, citizens can fearlessly follow.  Sahil considers, with a change in the environment; Behavior will automatically transform.  Therefore, the leaders should break the binaries and encourage a free flow of perspectives.

Sahil accepts that No Sir No Madam is an extremely innovative cause which the mass has not discussed at length.  He believes that we can implement a gradual change with one step at a time.  The initiative should first penetrate the private and then spread to the public sphere and spread the word extensively through social media.

In conclusion, Sahil advocates — we should not follow social conventions blindly.  We should redefine the society for future progress.

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