Sid, Director of Delivery at Hashtaag – KGJ Software Technologies Pvt Ltd is a firm follower of No Sir No Madam.  A Bengaluru based startup develops mobile applications, solutions related to Bigdata, Machine learning, and associated products.  His company follows a very open culture and trust in creating mutual respect in the workplace.

Sid, an IT engineer, has worked with a number of tech firms, including Robosoft Technologies, Sourcebits Inc., and Airwatch before joining Hashtaag.

Sid adheres that it is very essential to imbibe No Sir No Madam culture in our lifestyle.  He maintains that, “Everyone should adopt this culture to live in a mutually respected world.  Otherwise, Sir/Madam Culture will block people in constantly trying to prove themselves as best.”

Sid shares — I was son of a school teacher in a rural area.  So, I was practicing Sir/ Madam Culture without my knowledge, right from beginning.  However, when Sid started his career, he was being rightly questioned for his practice of mentioning Sir/Madam. 

He quotes, “The CEO of my previous company candidly put forth that I denote someone as Sir/Madam to hide my incapability.  I am seeking forgiveness for my inefficient work.  Furthermore, I am expecting someone to drive me throughout my life.” This lesson was an enlightening experience in his life.  The flow of this knowledge made Sid a firm practicer of No Sir No Madam.

He concedes referencing the name directly creates the ecosystem acquaintance.  It acts as a bridge for the free flow of ideas.  Concepts and thoughts would get a priority than a person. People would encourage more experiments and respect everyone.  The culture of Sir/Madam is always a blocker, and it forces to accept the hierarchy by mere seniority.  Therefore, No Sir No Madam culture would act as a catalyst for product based entrepreneurship.

Sid maintains, “At our firm, we encourage everyone to address each other with their names. We do not want anyone to be pleased by any other means than commitment to work.” He asserts that if we are right, we should be confident.

No Sir No Madam enhances vocal communication and should be the ‘theme of life’.  Everyone should imbibe this concept.  No matter what the job profile is.  No work is of the least importance, and every work carries equal respect.  Sir/Madam culture will abolish discrimination at various hierarchy levels.  Lower level workers will get equal opportunities to prosper.

Sid further continues, “Sometimes we call people Sir or Madam, to hide our mistake.  Like in government dealings, we avoid referring with names to ensure our work is done.  People often use Sir/Madam to please bureaucrats.  Though I assert, if I am right I need not call anyone Sir.” No Sir No Madam cause has a vital role to play in government offices.  He claims it can bring corruption levels down to a great extent.

No Sir No Madam concept should be adopted at grass roots.  Sid maintains that, we should encourage parents to promote this.  Life will become mutual experiment and result in innovation.

Sid holds that we should remove Sir/Madam practice from school/education level itself.  This will broaden the thought process of students.  They will come up with new ideas and boost innovation in the India.

Sid concludes as “It is time to be vocal about referring each other with their names.  Thus, the present and future generation can celebrate the freedom, exhilarate for the self-initiatives and let free flow of knowledge in society.”

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