SimranJeet Singh, Co-founder of JuxPux profoundly advocates in favor of No Sir No Madam ideology.  JuxPux is the creation of three foodie-friends who got inspired to embark on this venture being hit by the ‘entrepreneurial bug’.  JuxPux has made its presence and essence felt through corporate kiosks, café lounges, and food corners.  They have also spread health awareness through school and college fests making the kids aware about the benefits of non-alcoholic beverages.

SimranJeet has received his bachelor’s degree in the field of civil engineering.  Post his college, he has worked with private companies, heading the role of sales and marketing executive.

He conveys that they adhere to No Sir No Madam decree in the firm.  Simran mentions, “We work with both, well-educated and less-educated people.  However, we let each of our employees address us without any salutations.  Moreover, the uneducated workers tend to feel connected with the company because of which they work earnestly.  I remember, because of the nature of our work, we tend to be the busiest during festivals and holidays.  Yet, my employees, sincerely come to work without complaining and are committed to their job.”

Furthermore, SimranJeet and his peers ensure to inform freshers and the candidates who come for interviews to abide to No Sir No Madam convention.  Simran states — I also conduct interviews for the firm.  As a result, a lot of times people who come for an interview tend to address me as ‘Sir’.  I make it a point to notify immediately them that we do not follow ‘Sir/Madam’ culture in our organization.  I brief them if you truly want to be respectful, show it by being assiduous at work.

People should be inspired by the custom and initiatives taken by Simran and his team to ensure parity at the workplace.

In addition, he remarks that ‘Sir/Madam’ tradition at the workplace forges a lot of unhealthy competition between colleagues.  He narrates, “I remember when I was working for a private company.  I was in a meeting with senior managers. 

One of the executives addressed the other as ‘Mr.’ followed by that person’s name.  To this, the person got furious on referring him as ‘Mr’.  I was surprised to see that there were such ego and hate between the managers, who held the same designation.

Over the period of time, people have been so accustomed to hearing ‘Sir/Madam’ greeting that they have forgotten their own culture.  Government employees, especially, take great pride in being addressed with a salutation as it makes them feel superior to others.  Simran adds, “You simply cannot get your work acknowledged by bureaucrats unless you address them as ‘saheb’.

In contrast, Simran cites an example of his friend, a public bank employee, who everyone should be inspired from. 

Simran articulates —I noticed that my buddy would strictly apprise everyone to address her by her first-name.  She used to emphasize that, “I will not do your work, if you refer to me as ‘Madam’.  She took the first-step in her firm.  Being inspired by her, her colleagues too started to follow No Sir No Madam heed.”

It is truly rare to find a government sector employee who does not cling to salutation.  Hopefully, others too will get inspired by her and get rid of unnecessary formal curtsies.

Furthermore, he shares his two-cents on the discrimination that blue-collar works have to face because of a salutation edict. 

Simran enumerates, “It is important to make every employee feel equal irrespective of their position.  Otherwise, they will just consider themselves as expendable employees, which will have an ill-effect on their productivity. They also become loyal to your company when they do not feel any hierarchical difference between them and you.”

He continues, “One of my employees, who had been with us since inception, was offered a lucrative job from one of our competitors.  However, he rejected the proposition and made our rivals know that he is working with JuxPux because of the genial culture inculcated by the seniors.”  Therefore, people should be motivated from such examples and instill first-name habit in their lives.

SimranJeet ventures that few people are aware of this cordial convention.  Ergo, many people continue to cling to salutation decree all his or her life.  Thus, he suggests implementing No Sir No Madam doctrine as a part of student’s curriculum in schools.  Simran surmises — This initiative would at least make people conscious of the fact that one does not have to stick to salutation to display respect.

Overall, he concludes, “Anything you do in your life, do it wholeheartedly.  More importantly respect people around you irrespective of any factor.“

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