Aditya Kulshreshth a Radio Jockey from Radio Mirchi firmly supports No Sir No Madam cause.  Aditya an engineering student went on to follow his passion as a stand-up comedian in 2016.  It has been six months, since he has started working as a radio jockey by Radio Mirchi, Bhopal.

Aditya opines that the No Sir No Madam culture should be implemented in every domain.  At Radio Mirchi, they have a strict policy against the Sir/Madam terminology.  The company maintains an open-door culture.  Most people have no cabins and are accessible at all times.  Hence, all the members are comfortable around each other and the higher executives.

Aditya asserts that salutation creates a barrier between people.  He states — As soon as you call someone as Sir or Madam, you have lost the conversation.  Thoughts cannot be expressed completely in such a constricted environment.

Aditya Kulshreshth has had a rigid experience while pursuing engineering.  He had to address not only his professors but also his seniors as Sir or Madam.  This created a toxic relationship between people.  Aditya states that in an open environment, people need to have a fluid conversation for creative thoughts to flow.

Aditya observes that when we regard authority figures as Sir or Madam, they automatically gain a dominant position.  In a hierarchical system the people at the end of the ladder are always afraid of the superior executives.  This creates a superficial bond of communication and results in an imbalance in the society.

Aditya shares that after passing out of the engineering college, he had a hard time coping with this new idea.  He had always practiced addressing elders and authority figures as Sir or Madam.  Therefore, he was hesitant to address his seniors in office by their first name.  However, he soon realized that this system of thought was more positive and effective.

Aditya believes that the No Sir No Madam culture can reduce partiality and discrimination in the society.  The present generation should execute this from an early stage in colleges and universities.  He thinks that when the bigger companies start  promoting the cause, it will prevail.

Aditya suggests that the No Sir No Madam initiative should reach out to large companies and eminent personalities.  This can create wider awareness among the citizens in India.

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