Dr. Sukhbir Kohar, an Indo-Canadian Dentist of Floss Dental Care, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada supports the No Sir No Madam cause.  As a Dentist, he has been servicing the community for approximately over 15 years.  Sukhbir got his Bachelors (BDS) from India and completed his DDS at the University of Pacific School Dentistry in San Francisco.

Living away from home – India, for a long time, Dr. Kohar wonders how Indians still haven’t given up on the “Ghulami (Slavery)” tradition from the pre-independence times.  He admits feeling differently during schooling for the first time outside India.  When one person addresses another, we believe both are normal human beings, and no one is a super power.  Moreover, a person can be best remembered by their name, he added.

“I do not believe in excessively calling someone sir/madam, just like you do.  It is nothing but a coat of respect with ego camouflaged.  Seventeen years into the 21st century, it is still the 1940s Sir and Madam way of calling people that continues in India.”

Sukhbir firmly supports No Sir No Madam initiative, saying the cause would connect people subconsciously and build a truthful connection between them without the unnecessary ‘pseudo respect’.

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