Mihir Bhatt, the CEO of metR Technology supports the ideals of No Sir No Madam movement.  metR Technology is a pioneer in delivering a broad array of technology solutions to clients.  They provide strategic consulting, including business plan and sales strategy development.

He is a graduate in computer application and information technology.  Mihir has used his educational background to create an easy and affordable digital media.  His main purpose was to provide software solutions with innovative ideas and extreme perfection.

Mihir started his firm when he was in college.  Initially, the employees whom he hired were his friends from college.  Therefore, he always has exercised a salutation-free order of communicating with his employees.  Everyone being friends, they never felt that they had to follow any hierarchical order.  Moreover, he considers his employees as equal partners of the firm.

Mihir conceives, “People restrict themselves from expressing their ideas when you follow ‘Sir/Madam’ culture within an organization.  Employees feel that their opinion may not be welcomed.  Whereas, everyone’s views and suggestions are equally important for a firm to grow.  In addition, addressing each other by first-names helps in establishing a personal connection with your peers.”

He narrates one incidence when they had to meet with one of the largest private sector firms regarding their work.  Mihir and his colleagues noticed that the people within that organization addressed seniors as ‘Sir/Madam’. 

Mihir thought that this was the way; communication should be in an organization.  Although on trying this method at his workplace, Mihir was unhappy, as it complicated the communication process.  Consequently, he resorted to heed to No Sir No Madam ideology and has never changed his office culture since then.

Mihir too is aware of the practices followed by the government officials in India.  He states — Bureaucrats have an attitude where they expect to be addressed with a salutation.  They are egoistic and tend to use their designation to exploit people.  Mihir believes, with an initiative already in place, the public sector’s work culture, will change too.

In continuation, he ventures upon the compulsion imposed on petty job workers.  Wherein, they have to address their employers as ‘Sir/Madam’.  Uplifting this mandate from their lives would encourage them to feel equal, as it is their right.

He terms the prevalence of ‘Sir/Madam’ custom as a grass root issue.  Mihir enunciates that besides schools, parents should take up the responsibility of educating their kids about No Sir No Madam habit. 

Moreover, he stresses, “while implementing this notion in colleges, students should also be informed on respecting people.  This will prevent them from taking the first-name conviction for granted.

In closure, he suggests spreading awareness among schools, colleges, and corporate offices.  Making people aware about this cause will aid in en-grafting this change quicker.   As Dr. Ben Siegel quoted “The power of awareness changes our well being.”  Thus, let us all take the responsibility of informing people about the redundancy of ‘Sir/Madam’ tradition.

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